Late-season hunts available Tuesday

By QCS Staff

Special to the QCS
The state’s Department of Game and Fish is making 405 late-season archery elk licenses and 349 deer permits available online on Tuesday, according to a press release.
Licenses for November and December archery elk hunts in Big Game Management Units 12, 34, 37, 43 and 50; and January archery deer permits for Units 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 40 will be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8 a.m. Tuesday, the release said.
The department is encouraging hunters to save time, gas and to avoid long lines by using the online application system at
The special late-season elk archery hunts are designed to provide additional elk hunting opportunities without severely impacting the state’s elk herds, the release said.
Elk license fees are $89 for residents, $541 for nonresidents. Deer license fees are $39 for residents, $355 for non-residents. Elk license fees will be charged at the time of successful application; deer licenses must be purchased from a vendor or at a department office after a permit is issued. Only hunters who do not already hold deer permits or elk licenses for hunts this season are eligible for the late-season hunts. It is illegal for any hunter to hold more than one elk license or deer permit in the same license year.
According to the release, each walk-in applicant will be allowed to submit no more than two individual applications at once. Walk-in applicants will use Form 2006.

Unit 12: Nov. 25-29, 25 licenses.
Unit 34: Dec. 9-13, 300 licenses.
Unit 37: Dec. 9-13, 40 licenses.
Unit 43: Nov. 11-15, 10 licenses.
Unit 50: Nov. 11-15, 30 licenses.

Unit 29: Jan. 1-15, 137 permits.
Unit 30: Jan. 1-15, 56 permits.
Unit 31: Jan. 1-15, 16 permits.
Unit 32: Jan. 1-15, 38 permits.
Unit 33: Jan. 1-15, 85 permits.
Unit 40: Jan. 1-15, 17 permits.