Lt. Governor visits city, promotes small business

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Several years ago, Lt. Governor, Diane Denish, said she tried to generate interest in bringing the state’s small business forum to Tucumcari and the Quay County area.
“I couldn’t’ light a fire,” said Denish who was in Tucumcari Thursday and Friday.

Today, however, “We need to be here. Things are percolating.” said Denish. “We need to be here. We need to find ways to enhance what is happening here.”

Becoming part of New Mexico’s MainStreet, Denish said, builds a lot of energy around the town’s core and attracts business to Main Street, she said.

All told, Denish said “there’s a certain kind of synergy” that develops, causing one business to follow another and for employment to grow.

Denish and several state officials toured the Ute Lake Ranch development, lunched with the Rotary Club, visited several downtown businesses which have recently opened and conducted the state’s small business forum.

At Ute Lake Ranch, Denish asked developer Barry Freeman about the water and what its source would be on the golf course. Denish seemed satisfied to learn that watering for the greens would be “gray water,” recycled water.

She also talked to several workers who were doing the brick work and learned that the development was providing employment as well as fueling several Tucumcari businesses specializing in HVAC and plumbing installation.

Once a small business owner whose company did marketing research, mostly in the political field, Denish said she understood the concerns and trials of the small business owner.

“I know what it’s like to be the first one at work and the last one to get paid,” she said.

Denish also toured Pajareto Interiors and Gallery 111, two new downtown businesses. She also visited with officials at Mesalands Community College involved in the proposed wind energy project.

With officials from about 20 state government offices represented — from the department of Veterans Affairs to worker’s comp — Denish also opened the small business forum. It’s the 23rd that’s been held in small towns around the state in the past several years, she said.

About 75 people attended and visited individual state agencies and related services that cater to small businesses.