Sunny path, straight paths please Aggie

By Lynn Moncus: Quay County Sun Coumnist

Since our last visit, the slave has taken me on several scary rides in the country and has caused me to consider taking driveing lessons in order to be able to go where I want to go and when I want to take a trip. I could then go by myself or buckle her into the passenger seat and dare her to complain about my driving.

One Sunday afternoon, we had stopped to do a little walking and had great fun checking out the tracks and reading the latest news when she decided we would return to the pavement via a road we hadn’t taken in several months. As we turned a corner, we hit what she called blow sand and began to have more than a little trouble moving very far or going very fast.

I looked ahead and saw a bunch of crooked tracks and knew we were about to get into trouble so I just hid my head in the corner to try to remain calm. I could feel the car sinking and thought we were going to stop, but she said a few words and kept inching along. I looked out again and was sure we were going to fall into a big hole that had been left after what looked like a creek had run down that road. She said a few more words and missed that hole only to begin sinking into the sand again. Finally, I told her to be very calm and to get us out of the mess she had managed to get us into.

When I looked out next, we were turning onto a solid, but rough road, and I knew we could return to the pavement if she could manage to drive that far.

Last Sunday, she waited until rain began to fall before deciding we would go for a ride. Of course, she knows I am scared silly of those windshield wipers and have to hide my face whenever they are sweeping back and forth.

Although she always tells me everything is okay, I know I might lose my nose were those things to hit it. Sometimes, she even puts her hand on my back and tries to get me to relax, but I don’t have time to relax when I’m in real danger and just keep my head stuffed in the corner. At least, she didn’t drive on any really bad roads so she could show me how she could also make crooked tracks.

Just before we returned to town, the rain slowed down long enough for us to stop so I could do a little walking.

She knows I like to walk in that really red mud but kept my leash a little too taut whenever we would near a good batch.

At least, I did get to walk a block or two and felt much better by the time we returned to the car even though those wipers began their dance again.

I decided I could look out the side window for a few minutes and enjoyed watching the water flying as we splashed along. That was fine until we met one of those monster trucks and were nearly drowned by a wall of water that was flung all over us. I then hid again until I knew we were turning into our own garage.

I am thinking of drawing a few maps of where we can go safely on our drives and am going to insist that we go only when rain isn’t falling. Although the slave says we take those drives just for me, I know she is the one who wants to get out of town for a few minutes and to find different roads to travel. I just go along to keep her company and to tell her to be careful so we won’t get stuck or get lost. I’m not even sure we could get home if I didn’t give her a few directions, and I have a hard time giving those when my head is between the back of the seat and the car door. You might even give her some new maps of good roads and tell her not to drive on them unless the sun is shining.

She won’t listen to me but she might pay some attention to you. We could have more fun if I didn’t have to worry so much!