Altrusa preps for fundraiser: Are you ready to win $

The Altrusa Club of Tucumcari will be holding its annual fundraiser at 6 p.m. on Saturday at the Elk’s Lodge.

This year the top prize will be $15,000 in cash instead of a car. Altrusa sells 275 tickets each year for $100; each ticket is numbered and 275 numbered ping-pong balls are put in the hopper. Altrusa then has a reverse drawing with the last number or ping-pong ball with the corresponding number winning the $15,000.

Every 25th number that is drawn out gets a door prize donated by local businesses.
Second place this year will receive $500.

Each ticket purchased allows two people to attend a barbecue dinner provided by the Elk’s Lodge, a chance to win $15,000 and dance to the music of the High Mesa Band.

All of the money Altrusa raises goes to community service projects in Quay County.

Previous Winners
1978 Lynn Jarry
1979 Margie Barnett
1980 Jo Evelyn Morton
1981 Dr. Elwyn Crume
1982 Delbert Bone
1983 Tonya Hodges & Don Bryant
1984 Herb Slack
1985 Bettie Ditto
1986 Elmer Schuster
1987 Janis Fought
1988 Raul Munoz
1989 Quay County Sun
1990 Debbie O’Quinn
1991 Raul Munoz
1992 Marvin & Crystal Terry
1993 Last 3 tickets called purchased by Big Country Ford at $4,300 each
1994 Dennis Tapia
1995 Ruby Jennings
1996 Warren & Angie Frost
1997 Ronnie Jobe
1998 Tonya Rigdon
1999 Lou Briscoe
2000 Blevins McKenzie
2001 Phillip & April Barry
2002 Janice Goldston
2003 Alex Mills
2004 Julian & Beth Sisneros
2005 Bob Dominguez