Letter to Editor: Family, community thanks kindness of stranger

Recently, there was a young girl killed in an automobile accident. She was in the company of three friends. One young man was also killed, and two others sustained numerous injuries. This impacted the community of Logan.

The girl who was killed was Kateri “Kat” Trujillo. She had been an EMT with the Logan Volunteer Ambulance Service and the Logan Volunteer Fire Department.
Another one of our volunteers, Debbie McClure, was making purchases of food and items for “Kat’s” family while in a supermarket on Oct. 1. A stranger inquired what the occasion was. When told of the tragedy, he paid for our entire purchase, which was well over $100.

When Ms. McClure protested his purchase, the stranger ignored her protest, as well as her request for his name.

This is the only way that we can say our “Thanks” to the stranger. YOU know who you are and your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten.

Thank you.

Logan Volunteer Ambulance Service, Logan Volunteer Fire Department, and the parents and family of Kateri “Kat” Trujillo.