City sells six properties

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

Six properties that are in fore-
closure will be purchased by the
Tucumcari Greater Economic
Development Corp,. TGED.

The City Commission met at a
special meeting on Friday and
approved the purchases, which
will cost $6,839.38.

The properties would have been
auctioned, for back taxes, at the
upcoming sale on Tuesday by the
state at the Quay County

The city also had liens
on several of the properties for clean-
ups it has conducted on the lots.
The funds to purchase the properites
will come from the economic devel-
opment tax for property tax.

A property at 1007 Center St.,
will be a “quick turn” and be sold
to Estavan and Victoria Martinez.
City manager Richard Primrose
said the Martinez’ had expressed
interest in purchasing the property
for some time.

Pete Kampfer, executive direc-
tor of TGED, said the purchases
were part of an effort to clean and
spruce up the city.

Most of the properties are lots
with no homes or with homes in
poor condition, Kampfer said.

Commissioner Jim Witcher
asked if the lots could be used for
homes to be built by Habitat for
Humanity. Kampfer said they
could possibly be used for that
program. A habitat program is
expected to be launched in
Tucumcari thanks to a recently
awarded federal grant to be
adminstered by Mesalands
Community College.

City commissioner Chris
Maestas said he thought the proper-
ties may not be legally clear for sale.
Primrose said he had checked
with the city’s attorney and there
did not appear to be a problem.

Commissioner Jim Lafferty
asked the attorney’s legal opinion
be put in writing and attached the
resolution agreeing on the sale.

Mayor Pro tem Antonio
Apadoca questioned the sale to
the Martinez’ and wondered if it
could possibly set a precedent,
where the city or the TGED did
not realize more money for the
sales of its properties.

Witcher said the property
should be sold to the Martinez’
with the proviso that it is to be
cleaned up within six months after
closing on the property.

Maestas was the only one the
four commissioners present who
did not approve the purchase.
Mayor Mary Mayfield was unable
to attend the meeting.

The properties being sold to the
TGED are at 601 and 1017 E.
Center St., 523 E. Laughlin St,,
133 N. Seventh St, 406 N. Third