Contract rejected by Arch Hurley Board

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

A contract to allow property owner Skip Vernon to have some of the water from the Tucumcari canal was rejected by the board of the Arch Hurley Conservancy District on Tuesday.

Board chairman Larry Perkins voted to let Vernon have the water, under a proposed contract by the Board of Reclamation (BOR), but board members David Foote, John Gilbertson and Tommy Bruhn rejected the BOR’s contract. Board member U.V. Hinson was unable to attend the meeting.

Foote said he wasn’t against allowing Vernon to use 2.5 acre feet of water, during the off-season, but, “I’m against the contract because it may be something that comes back to haunt us.”

Perkins agreed the “contract had its problems,” adding that it wasn’t necessarily precedent-setting because Arch Hurley has already agreed on points of diversion to the Big Mesa utility, which supplies water to the Conchas Damn area.

In other items before the board at its special meeting, the board reviewed applications for the general manager of the district.

The board agreed on about six applicants and said it would draft a letter to each of the applicants, describing in more detail what the manager’s job entailed.

The interim manager, Mark Preciado, is also one of the job applicants.

Perkins said the new manager should expect to be on the job five days a week, perform the district’s day-to-day tasks and understand the needs of the district in the future.