County lands receive new owners

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

State Auctioneer Robert Rubin sold off 12 properties for delinquent taxes on the steps of the Quay County Courthouse on Tuesday.

The sales generated $11,050 for the state and Quay County.

Rubin said the properties were based on taxes not paid since 2002.

Originally, 81 properties were up for sale, but since the state published its proposed auction of the properties, back taxes were paid on all but 14 of the properties. Two properties received no bids.

Rubin told prospective bidders, “If you didn’t do your homework, don’t buy.”
Winning bidders were also responsible for any costs, such as liens on the properties.

In past auctions, some bidders had not done any research and did not realize they were also responsible for paying off liens on the properties, said Janie Murray, Quay County tax assessor.

Bidding on several of the properties started as low as $50 and others as high as $1,500.

Cyd Hughes of Logan came to the auction on instructions from her sister, Marilyn Hughes, who lives in Kansas.

“She told me (to) buy her something in Logan,” Cyd Hughes said.
Cyd Hughes did get her sister a lot in Logan, which she said, “You can see the lake from it.”

Bidding for the lot with a Ute Lake view started at $1,500 and ended at $6,500. “We had fun,” said Cyd Hughes.

Another bidder, Krishna Jaiswal came from Albuquerque. He bought several lots, one for $500, about a half mile west of the courthouse, he said.

Jaiswal said he worked for a computer company in Albuquerque,
and invests in real estate on the side.

Plans for the lots may include re-selling or building on them, he said.