Bond OK would fund building

Special to the QCS

Special to the QCS
If approved by voters, Mesalands Community College is slated to receive $1,500,000 under the General Obligation Bond for Education, also known as Bond B.
The bond issue is placed on the ballot by the New Mexico State Legislature every two years. The 2006 cycle proposes allocating nearly $118 million for capital improvements to New Mexico Higher Education Institutions and Constitutional Special Schools.

“We are fortunate at Mesalands to have an important construction project under way that will create a beautiful and very useful addition to the College as well as the community. It is possible because of GO Bonds that have passed in previous years,” said Mesalands Community College President Phillip O Barry.

In addition to the existing construction, capital improvements slated for Mesalands include an expansion of Building G (Maintenance Building) to provide a new home for Student Services, offices, a new commons area and four classrooms.
What will the cost be to tax payers in Quay County?

The general obligation bond is funded by property taxes collected by The State of New Mexico. The cost will equal approximately $.32 per thousand dollars of the taxable value of property—down from $.34 during the 2002 bond cycle. For example, citizens will pay $10.17 per year on property with an assessed value of $100,000.

To assist in informing the public about the importance of GO Bond B, the 2006 G.O. Bond for Education Campaign Committee, a consortium of representatives from New Mexico institutions of higher education, has been formed. The Committee’s primary objective is to advocate, through a statewide public education campaign, for the passage of Bond B and continued funding of capital improvements at New Mexico schools. For more information about GO Bond B and/or the Committee, visit

This information was provided by Mesalands Community College.