11-08-2006: Turk’s Turf

By Howie Tucker

Some people missed something special when you passed up the fantastic five-course Italian meal at the Country Club last Saturday. Tony Morano and his committee members — Peggy Shipley, Rick and Agnes Morano, Lynn Frost, Gary Lee, Ruth Litchfield, and, of course, Momma Morano — made sure there was great treat for all.

Pointer of the week
“Eyes over the Ball.” A good putter keeps the body still and the blade square by never allowing the left wrist to break down. The putter head never passes the left hand. Remember:
One: Bend over far enough so your arms hang freely with some flex at the elbows.
Two: Keep your eyes directly over the target line.

Rule of Week
Out of Bounds is beyond the boundaries of the course or any part of course so marked by the committee. Objects defining out of bounds are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed. When out of bounds is defined by a line, the line itself is out of bounds. The ball is out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds. A player may stand outside to play a ball lying within bounds. (Source: United States Golf Association)

Upcoming Events
Nov. 19 is the Turkey Shoot Scramble. Tee time is 12:30 p.m. Entry fee is $20
Players sign up by calling the shop at 461-1849. Teams will be made by the Turkey Committee. Please sign up by Nov. 18 at 6 p.m.