Coyotes finish as runnerups

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

By Thomas Garcia
Quay County Sun
The San Jon Coyotes six-man football team wound up their 2006 season as district champions and state runnerups.
The Coyotes met the New Mexico School for the Deaf’s (NMSD) Roadrunners in the state championship game Saturday at Albuquerque at Menaul High School. The Coyotes fell short with a final score of 66-59.
Coyotes runningback senior Danny Shetter said, “Our goal for this year was to make it to the state championship game and we feel we fulfilled that and more. Our coach, Waymond Ragland, was happy with how we played and performed in the game.”
Shetter said, “The game started at a slow pace. At the end of the first quarter it was 8-16. Then the game play started to quicken. We knew that they were going to be gunning for us after the district championship game.”
The Coyotes had beaten the Roadrunners earlier in their schedule, 44-39, on Oct. 13.
This was the first year the San Jon Coyotes advanced to the six-man state championship game. The six-man program was started four years ago and many of the seniors who played in the game have been a part of the team since its inception.
“As a senior, I wish we would have won, but it didn’t go that way. It will be a hard thing for us to get past but we will have to do it. Many of the seniors on the team will play basketball and we will try just as hard to make it to state again,” said Shetter.
New Mexico School For The Deaf coach Robert Huizar said the game could have gone either way.
“It was a rollercoaster ride, never thought we would play two back-to-back thrillers,” said Huizar in an email interview. “I have nothing but respect for San Jon. They played their hearts out and gave the fans a game to remember.”
This is NMSD’s first state championship win.