Final votes counted


QCS Staff
Quay County’s votes were verified Friday morning by Quay County Commissioners and the Clerk of the Court, Ellen White.
The Canvassing Committee reviewed and verified the 3,576 ballots from Tuesday night’s 13 polling places, absentee and early ballots, and 18 ballots that could not be included until they were hand counted by the committee.

County commissioners Franklin McCasland and Robert Lopez conducted the count with White. Commissioner Bill Curry was not able to attend.

The 18 provisional ballots were from voters whose names did not appear on the roster at the precincts or from voters who went to their polling places instead of using their mail-in ballots, White said.

Of those ballots, nine were disallowed because they were not qualified voters. For example, several did not qualify because they had not registered to vote or were not registered to vote in Quay County, White said.

Quay County’s official vote came to 3,675. Election results and tally sheets are now sent to Secretary of State where they are audited and canvassed for accuracy.