Put an end to policitcal season with smiles, laughter

By Lynn Moncus

During the last few weeks, many of us have expressed our displeasure regarding the levels to which some of the politicians in our state and nation sank in order to try to beat their opponents. What kind of examples are such people setting for our youth? What kind of people are trying to become our leaders? What can we citizens do to encourage respectable citizens to want to enter the field of politics?

No doubt, you have already answered those questions and have decided we need to move on and to try to erase such negative attitudes in order to begin to tolerate politicians and their place in our country.

Well, that sounds good, but achieving any kind of goal requires a lot of effort and more time than most of us care to spend at the moment. We are just a little too close to this election to be able to think clearly and to set aside the negative feelings caused by the negative attacks by some of those politicians. We need to go to the canyons for a while in order to clear our minds so we can regain a little composure.

When candidates begin to tear each other to bits, we might consider taking them to the canyons, placing them on separate bluffs, and letting them yell loud enough to drown out each other’s echoes.

Once they exhausted themselves, we might just stake them to a tree for a few hours so they could listen to that wonderful silence. Of course, we would have to guard them because most of them couldn’t tolerate that solitude for more than a few minutes and would have no idea how to remain calm as the silence settled around them.

At least, we could test their strengths and weaknesses in short order and could then help them to face themselves to see what they have become. They might even learn that they are real men and women who could do some good if given a chance.

A lot of us have been rather closely involved in politics throughout our lives and have seen all sorts of shady deals at various levels. We have watched the buying and selling of votes, the stuffing of ballot boxes, and the destruction of ballots in order to be sure the elections were “thrown” to particular candidates.

We have just sat back and let our country fall into a state of disrepair, but we might now consider seeing if we could begin to repair our mistakes.

No one person can achieve much alone, but one person can make his own decisions to change his own ways, and that will be a start. We might even be surprised at what we can do in our own small place in our country. One big step might be for us to regain our sense of humor—something that has been missing for a while.

If we could begin to laugh at ourselves in our current foolish condition, we could take a giant step forward. If we could fill those canyons with echoes of laughter instead of bitter words, we could accomplish much. We need to find a Mark Twain or a Will Rogers to help us return to our senses.

A few humorous, well-aimed remarks can obliterate bitter words in one big hurry. By laughing instead of braying, we can face whatever comes along and can enjoy the results as we watch positive changes take place. A smile can take us much farther than can a frown. Let’s smile and get on with life!