11-22-2006: Turk’s Turf

By Howie Tucker

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully the weather is going to stay nice during our winter months so everyone can get out and play and enjoy your course.
Another important thought: I will be completing the 2007 Calendar of Events shortly, so if you are planning a special event for next year, contact me about the dates so we can finalize before the start of next year.

Turkey Shoot
We had a great time at Sunday’s tourney. Here are the results of the Turkey Shoot Scramble:

First Place
63 Art Palmer, John Howard, Tony Marano and Edgar Shipley
Second Place (tie)
64 John Liles, Stanley Owens, Justion Liles and John Frost
64 Jim Norris, J.R. Montoya, Clair Rachor and Dave Hein
Fourth Place (tie)
65 Sam Marshno, Andrew Garcia, Jr., Nano Otero and Arnett Hooser
65 Robert Gonzales, Andy Garcia, Phil Bidegain and Rod Denton
Consolation Winners
Gayle Sanders, Gary Lee, Richard Primrose and Bob Frost

Rule of the Week
Substituted Ball: A substituted ball is a ball put into play for the original ball that was either lost, out of bounds or lifted.