Turkey talk by third graders

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

Heaven Chavez, 8, and third-grade teacher Gabriela Walden put the final touches on a flour tortilla that ends up being a tepee. It’s all part of learning about the meeting of Native Americans and pilgrims and what’s now called Thanksgiving.

Children have a special way of viewing holidays, so to see what they thought about Thanksgiving, we visited Gabriela Walden’s third-grade class at Tucumcari Elementary School. And while some painted their four tortillas , we caught some of the children’s modern day musings about the holiday.

Alex Mills, 8, said, “Thanksgiving is gathering for the holiday to celebrate the pilgrims coming over from England because of religious persecution. King James did not let them believe in God the way they wanted to.”

Denae Salas, 9, said Thanksgiving is a pretty good holiday, because “kids can have more fun.” She also likes what her family cooks, especially the apple pie. Also, “We draw names and get presents. Everybody in the family gets to draw. I’ve got my cousin Lisa from Albuquerque. She’s getting jewelry. I think we’ve got a 100 people coming,” she said.

Nathan Hallmark, 8, said, “Thanksgiving is about getting together and being thankful for everything you have. It’s a holiday to thankful for the things you have. Everybody gets together and you say a pray for what you’re thankful for.”

Dillon Massey, 8, said, “When I think about Thanksgiving, I think about being with family, being happy and having fun and eating.”
Dillon also said it’s a time to be “thankful for my family, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents, my house and shelter and a whole bunch of stuff.”
Dillon said, “Last year, I got to pick the whole turkey leg. I ate the whole thing and then I threw up.”

Britanny Reed, 8, said, one of the best things she likes about Thanksgiving is the ‘pumpkin pie, with whipped cream” and “we celebrate it because it’s a holiday.”