Shoppers make early Black Friday trips

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

Sunrise sales on Friday brought out some of Tucumcari’s early birds who wanted to take advantage of retailers’ deep discounts.

“We were here at 5:30 a.m.,” said James Mowles, who was shopping at RadioShack. “I spent all my money.”

On Christmas presents?

“Remote cars for me,” said Mowles, smiling.

Mowles’ wife, Karlene, said, “I talked him into buying a second one.”

Although advertisements said the store would open at 6 a.m., about eight shoppers were outside the door between 5:15 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., said Sandie Shipley, co-owner of Radio Shack on Route 66.

“They were going mostly for the sale items. We sold a lot of walkie-talkies, tool sets, the special hot Friday items,” she said.

At the other end of Route 66, shoppers at K-Mart had also turned out early.
Shana Lopez, who arrived a little after the store’s 6 a.m. opening, said, “I was after the electronic sales for Christmas presents. I got some good values. Now, it’s time to go home and have a cup of coffee.”

The Bell and Gutierrez family also came out.

“We are just going to see what the specials are,” said Tonya Bell, who was here with her husband, Marcus, to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, Manuel and rosa Gutierrez.

The biggest day of the shopping year, the Friday after Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Friday, because its a day that retailers often tally up record sales and helps them put year-end sales figures in the black.