12-02-2006: Turk’s Turf

By Howie Tucker

Brrrrr. It is chilly, and it is nice to be back in town from my trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Happy Holiday Season to all! Another reminder to all of the folks who want to set up a special golf tournament for the upcoming year. Please get in touch with me ASAP! 461-1849

I have had a lot of interest in ladies and childrens golf lessons for the upcoming year. I have been working on some special programs for everyone to start in the spring and go through the entire Summer.

I will keep you up to date via flyers and Tuck’s Turf. Don’t forget to stop by and get your new USGA Rule Book during our Christmas Sale!

On my way home I attended our Sun Country PGA Fall Meeting in Las Cruces and I had the good fortune to be elected to the Board Of Directors as Long Range Planning and Junior Golf Director for a two-year term; and I’m looking forward to my new positions.

Pointer of Week
How To Gain 10 Yards Overnight: Make a fuller turn, and maintain a relaxed grip pressure throughout the swing. You must be sure to complete your backswing to maximize your coil. And the relaxed grip pressure ensures good clubhead release for increased clubhead speed.