City opens up spot on planning board

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

City Commissioners voted to change the boundaries for citizens who serve the Planning Commission and Zoning Board and city manager Richard Primrose gave his official notice of resignation at Thursday night’s meeting.

Instead of having seven board members who live within the Tucumcari’s city limits, the commissioners voted unanimously to allow one member to have his or her residence within the three-mile extra-territorial limits, and the other six members to live within the city limits.

The commission tabled a proposed renewal of an agreement for animal control services between Tucumcari and the Village of Logan.

Police Chief Larry Ham said that the animal control vehicle had more than 200,000 miles on it. If the vehicle had to be driven to Logan, “it’s not going to last very long,” Ham said.

Ham also said that his staff was called on to back up animal control officers when they are on the road or absent and that the police department was short staffed already.

Commissioner Jim Witcher made a motion to honor the agreement with Logan, but it failed to get the necessary votes.

In other business before the commission:
l An updated policy and procedures manual for the Tucumcari Police Department was approved.
l The purchase of a new trash truck, costing $115,000, was approved. Doug Powers, director of the city’s Community Development, said the new truck would be paid for through a an existing solid waste grant to the city.
l Approved the expenditure of $30,000 by the Greater Economic Development Corp. for the purchase of the Litchfield Building at 207 Center Street. The building is expected to be used for administrative offices of the Tucumcari Fire Department.
Commissioner Antonio Apodaca cautioned that the city needed to careful how it spent the money. The city needs to have the economic development funds available to provide incentives for possible businesses that would move or start up in Tucumcari, he said.
Fire chief Mike Cherry said the Fire Department expected to be reimbursed by the state for its administrative offices.

l Approved the expenditure of almost $50,000 for a new foam roof for the Tucumcari Public Library from T.S. Bailey Enterprises of Clovis.

l Commissioners discussed a proposed limitation of front yard parking. Apodaca said, “It’s a serious thing we are talking about” and said there should be a public hearing on the proposal.

l Made two appointments to the Senior Citizens Advisory Board. They are LaRee “Ricci” Johnson, who was reappointed to the board, and Lynn Hawkins.

l Decided to advertise the city manager’s position in newspapers and web sites.
l The commissioners also recognized members of National Guard’s 720th Transportation Unit who recently returned from Iraq. They are S.Sgt. Jason Braziel, Sgt. Anthony Lujan and Spec. Zac Dwyer. About 20 members of the soldiers family and supporters joined in the reception.