Kanas man suicide victim

By Quay County Sun

By Quay County Sun
A 34-year-old Wichita, Kan., man, an apparent suicide victim, was found dead in his car by a motorist early Thursday morning on West Route 66 in Tucumcari, police said.
Officers found a 9mm handgun in the man’s car. They also found that the bullet that killed the man had penetrated the side of a semi-tractor trailer, which was parked next to the deceased’s vehicle. The bullet lodged in the freight being transported, said Deputy Chief Ron Hanley.
“We contacted the next of kin to notify them of the man’s death. We believe the wound was self-inflicted,” Hanley said. “The family was not even aware that the individual had left home. They told us that he had a history of mental illness.”
The deceased and drivers of other vehicles had parked in the lot of the former Shell truck plaza because snow conditions had closed Interstate 40. At 12:30 on Thursday morning, motorists began knocking on others’ windows to alert them that I-40 was open for travel. That’s when the man’s body was discovered, officials said. Police officials and paramedics pronounced the man dead at the scene.