Owners consider relocating Sonic

By Quay County Sun

By Quay County Sun
The owners of the Sonic drive-in are considering moving the fast-food restaurant to a new location in Tucumcari, said Donna Volz, regional marketing director for Merrit Group Sonic Drive-ins based in Las Cruces.
“Unfortunately, we don’t have a time line right now,” said Volz.
Tucumcari has been a good location for the company, she said. The restaurant is at 602 W. Tucumcari Blvd.
The company is looking at all its restaurants to update them, she said. The company will replace some and update others, she said, to bring them to up to the company’s new design. The Merrit Group owns and operates more than 125 Sonic Drive-ins in five states, including New Mexico. It has restaurants in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, she said.