Elida overtakes San Jon

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Quay County teams are reeling after encountering the Elida Tigers.

The San Jon Coyotes dropped to 2-4 after they fell prey to the Tigers Friday night.
And, several weeks ago Elida beat the Rattlers 49-64 on Nov. 28 in Tucumcari.
“This is the first time we have played the Tigers. They are a fast paced team and I feel we did good against them for our first time out with them,” said Coach Jeremy Stoner.
“This was a non-district game and we take this game as a great learning experience. It gives us the chance to see what we need to work on and helps us prepare for district play.”
The Coyotes lost 65-78 against the Tigers at San Jon. The Tigers intensity and pace was another key factor in this loss much like it was when they met the Rattlers. Throughout the first half the Coyotes trailed the Tigers. Tigers guard Wesley Gilmore remained a scoring threat underneath the basket and point guard Trenton Chenault proved to be an outside threat hitting two 3-pointers in under a minute’s time. That also gave the Coyotes a strong
22-41 lead over the Coyotes going into the second half.

In the third period, the Coyotes began to shoot 3-pointers in an attempt to reduce the lead. But missed field goals and passes began to take their toll on and the Coyotes fell behind. However, the Coyotes were able to close the scoring window on Chenault. Coach Stoner told point guard Richard Vasquez to guard Chenault and pick him up during the team’s offensive transition. Vasquez later moved to cover Gilmore as he remained a scoring threat and Coyotes guard Tyler Adams began to cover the outside shooter. But it wasn’t enough, the Coyotes closed out the third period
trailing 43-57.

In the final period, the Coyotes began to catch up to the Tigers with well shot field goals and 3-pointers that decreased the Tigers lead to only nine points early in the fourth.

Midway through the period, the Coyotes and Tigers ran into foul trouble setting up foul bonuses for each team and sending players to the free throw line for any foul committed by either team.
This and missed field goals and bad passing led to the Coyotes demise. As the Coyotes tried to come back from behind, tempers began to show and frustration became evident as the Coyotes began to commit several fouls sending the Tigers to the line. With each successful free throw their lead grew even more. Then with three minutes left in the game, Coyotes Vasquez fouled out on a techincal foul that sent Tigers Chenault to the line for
four free throws. He made all four giving the Tigers a 15 point lead and the Coyotes lost 62-78.

The San Jon Coyotes next game is 5:30 p.m. against the Channing Eagles at
Channing Texas.
San Jon Coyotes
point leaders

l Point guard, Richard Vasquez: 16 points
l Guard, Danny Shetter: 23 points
l Shot guard, 15 points

Elida Tigers
point leaders

l Point guard, Trenton Chenault 15 points
l Shot guard, Wesley Gilmore 20 points
l Power forward, Tom Sullivan 9 points