Christmas light parade headliners

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Santa led the charge of the light parade up the hill on Eleventh Street as dozens sat warmly  in their cars to watch the lights go by.

The annual Christmas Parade of Lights event – which this year boasted 17 floats and a train of 20 jeeps trying to make the Guinness Book of World Records – was on Saturday night. The event is sponsored by the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce.
The jeep brigade was a parade within a parade, sponsored by Wells Fargo, said Charley Crossley, who organized the jeeps train.

Each of the 20 jeeps was connected to the other with a tow bar.
Crossley also said that breaks the record and that should get them in the record book.

The current record is held by a group of Rattlers from the 1978 reunion. Lead by Kyle Evetts, they organized a caravan of jeeps measuring 265 feet, Crossley said.
“We had 60,000 pounds and the police measured it for us. We were 336 feet and 10 inches. We should hear back from Guinness by early February.”

Crossley said the group enjoys doing it for the kids and, of course, the adults have a good time, too.

Each of the floats were judged by three persons who are not from Tucumcari, and who are not allowed to talk to each other during their tallying of points while judging, said Debbie Lafferty, president of the chamber.