4-H 2006 awards for merit, achievement

Quay County Council 4-Hers have held their end-of-the-year awards ceremony and elected new officers for 2007.
The 2007 Quay County Council officers are: president, Lisa Mitchell; vice-president, Roy Hampton; secretary, Amye White; treasurer, McKayle Atwood; reporter, Carmen Runyan; historian, Taylor Atwood; song and recreation leader, Phil Alden; and parliamentarian, Quay Hampton.
At the Quay County 4-H Achievement Program 4-H members were honored with awards in project areas, leadership, and also record book achievement. Several community members and businesses were also honored for their support of the Quay County 4-H program. The awards were made on Nov. 19

Project Awards
Winners were selected based on achievement in the project areas of their record books.
Horse: Bethany Bishop, Brea Valentine, Hannah Norton, Savannah Thompson, Trace Norton and Desiree Evans
Rodeo: Seth Barber and Roy Hampton
Photography: Jordan Runyan
Rifle: Randall Rush
Archery: Bethany Bishop, Jordan Runyan and Dustan Hight
Baking: Kassie Lamm
Clothing: Jordan Runyan
Food and Nutrition: Randall Rush
Market Swine: Bethany Bishop and Savannah Thompson
Market Beef: Lisa Mitchell and Randall Rush
Cattle Breeding: Lisa Mitchell an dTaylor Atwood
Meat Goat: Joseph Schallert, Desiree Evans and Jennifer Schallert
Fibercraft: Carmen Runyan and Kassie Lamm
Market Lamb: Randall Rush, Brea Valentine, Lisa Mitchell and Desiree Evans
Shotgun: Dustan Hight
Poultry: Taylor Atwood
Rocketry: Lisa Mitchell
Braiding: Bethany Bishop, Jordan Runyan and Carmen Runyan

Outstanding Awards
Winners were selected based on leadership, community service, and project completion in their record books.
First Year: Hannah Norton and Trace Norton
Novice: Randall Rush and Jordan Runyan
Junior: Bethany Bishop and Richard Rush
Senior: Desiree Evans and Roy Hampton

Achievement Awards
Winners for this award were runners-up to those who had won outstanding awards.
First Year: Savannah Thompson and Katelyn Young
Novice: Kassie Lamm and Ali Marques
Junior: Seth Barber and Taylor Atwood
Senior: Megan Thompson and Lisa Mitchell

Cloverbud Awards
Cloverbuds is for youth 5-8 years old. They participate in a variety of projects to develop skills and build self-esteem. Their projects are non-competitive and designed to be family projects.
The following turned in Cloverbud record books:
Rebecca Rush, Wyatt Bishop, Kami Lamm, Reagan Runyan and Ashlee Bradley

“I Dare You” Awards
This award is sponsored by the American Youth Foundation. Winners are selected based on personal integrity, balanced living and potential for leadership. The winners are:
Amanda White and Patrick Weigel
Meritorious Service Awards
This award is given to local businesses or groups who have supported the 4-H program throughout the years.
The winners are:
Tucumcari Elk’s Lodge and Kirk’s Welding

Honorary Awards
This award is given to individual who have given countless hours of their time, going above and beyond the call of duty supporting the 4-H program. The winners are: Danny Tivis, Justin Bollinger, Glenn Truelock and Pete Walden

Friend of 4-H Award
This award is given to people who have continued to give to the 4-H program. They do no have children in 4-H, but value the program so much that they give their time and talents on a continual basis. The winners are: Janet Griffiths and Jerry Franklin