Commissioners set salary scale

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

By Chelle Delaney
Quay County Sun
Salaries for Quay County elected officials were set for the next four years by the Quay County Commission.
The commissioners agreed that elected officials would receive 85 percent of the maximum allowed by the state at their Monday meeting.
At that rate, salaries for incoming elected officials range from a high of $43,500 for the sheriff to a low of $9,700 for the probate judge.
“Some counties are paying 100 percent, but we’re paying 85 percent based on what was done last time,” said Franklin McCasland, chairman of the commission.
Newly elected officials will be sworn in on Jan. 2 at the Quay County Court House.
In other business before the commission:
l Fire Marshal Donald Adams reported that the county had received information regarding the development of a countywide wildfire protection plan that would designate certain structures and homes as eligible or ineligible for fire protection.
The commissioners said that all residents in the county paid for fire protection and that they didn’t think it was fair to exclude some and not others, and took no action on the item.
l Matt Posinski, administrator of the Dan Trigg Memorial Hospital, told the commission that sections of the hospital’s walkways had been torn up and replaced. Because the hospital is a county facility, he asked if the county could haul away the old concrete.It would save the hospital $1,000 which it could use for further walkway improvements on its $30,000 project.
Road Superintendent Larry Moore said the county could use the debris. The commission took no official action, but concurred with Moore that the county could remove the old concrete.
l Placed a freeze on hiring of any new DWI personnel until a new Magistrate Court judge is seated.
l Moore reported that the county was progressing on roadwork and working on meeting end of the year deadlines.
Moore said by the end of the fiscal year 2005-2006, the county will have completed work on :
l 5 miles of Coop roads. The state allows these funds to be used on any county roads, for a cost of $101,083.
l 5 miles of school bus roads for a cost of $120,081
l 13.4 miles of county arterial project (CAP) roads for a cost of $260,022, which includes about a $65,000 in-kind match of equipment and labor.
“We’ve been working extra days to complete the work by year end,” Moore said. “The department couldn’t have done it without the extra effort by the staff.”
For the upcoming 2006-2007 fiscal year, road projects will total about $616,256, including state and county matches. They will cover the following:
l 4.5 miles of Coop roads for a cost of $122,666
l 5.9 miles of school bus roadsfor a cost of $178,638
l 13.5 miles of CAP roads for a cost of $314,952.

Maximum 85 percent
Commissioner $16,282 $13,800
Treasurer $49,031 $41,600
Assessor $49,031 $41,600
Sheriff $51,277 $43,500
Clerk $49,031 $41,600
Probate Judge $11,416 $ 9,700