Brand new time to work together

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Yes, it’s a brand-new year, but … the nation – and the world – are still left with the same problems that made the world less-than-happy last year …. and the year before that, ad infinitum.

Now, all of us have our own particular concerns. And those like keeping a better budget, losing weight etc., are things
that only we can face up to. Although, it always makes sense, at times to get help, if necessary.

But some problems in this world are pretty distant. We know that these
things shouldn’t go on – but they do. And we, personally, can hardly stop

We can’t do much about the world’s problems, except, perhaps, to make contributions to those whose advertisements are bringing these problems to our attention.

And feel sorry about those other world problems that nobody is spending money to bring to our attention. That’s all we can do – by ourselves, isn’t it?

But, you know, what we can’t do by ourselves, maybe we can do together.

Whatever, your politics, the recent mid-term election is evidence that, when we get together to vote, we can have some influence.

But voting isn’t the only way we can get together. You and your neighbors, say, may have a common problem. How do you handle it?
You get together. And, by getting together, you help each other find a way to solve that problem.

You’re right. You can make a difference by getting together with like-minded others. That’s what we’re getting at.

There are organizations you can join. There are good things that you can volunteer to do.

Maybe, even, with an organization you already belong to. Be a leader. Say,
“Hey, if we get together we can … ”

And then tell them what, together, all of you can do.

The New Year is waiting.

Let’s give some thought to how we can make the New Year and the world

Beginning right here, where we live.