Economic develop top priority among city commissioners

By Quay County Sun staff

City Commissioners were asked to name their top priiorities for 2007.
Tops among the commissioners were economic development projects and programs that would provides more jobs and increase gross receipts for the city in 2007. Here are their responses:
Mayor Mary Mayfield
1 Continued economic development
2 Continued fiscal management
3 To build and continue support of MainStreet

Jim Witcher
1 Continued economic development
2 Street improvements
3 Support of Business growth

Antonio Apodaca
1 Continued economic development
2 Continued communications with state and federal leadership to advocate for Tucumcari
3 Continue to be conensus builders between elected officials and citiezens of Tucumcari

Jim Lafferty
1 management and leadership of city
2 City Budget
3 Economic development
Chris Maestas
1 Businesses coming into Tucumcari
2 Downtown MainStreet program
3 Railroad spur … important because it will draw business