01-06-2007: Letters to Editor

Gym of a birthday appreciated
After spending a week skiing in Colorado my husband and I along with our three children headed home to Texas. We were in search of a seafood restaurant for my son’s 16th birthday.
Instead, we ended up stranded in New Mexico and were informed that the local high school gym would be able to accommodate us for the night. Although I must admit we were disappointed at first, as this was not how we planned to spend his birthday, we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived.
I would like to thank everyone that played a role in making us as comfortable as they possibly could. The food, drinks, blankets, etc. that the community provided was very much appreciated.
In addition to that, we are grateful to the law enforcement officers and the volunteers, including the lady who worked the night of the Dec. 29. She worked constantly, picking up after us, setting drinks out for everyone, and checking on people.
Although our trip home took a lot longer than planned, they made it a little more bearable.
Thank you again for your hospitality.

Charlotte Hilsberg
Seguin, Texas

Guardian angels of San Jon will not be forgotten
We would like to commend your neighbors in San Jon for their compassion and generousity.
When we were stranded on I-40 in the ice and snow they took us into their hearts and their community centre and showed us such compassion and hospitality — They may be a small community but they are mighty, friendly and caring.
When we mentioned farther along our travels where we had been, we hear they are very well known for their wonderful basketball players and some of them were helping out along with the sheriff and his family and many others. He kept us abreast of the weather and road conditions and they fed us and brought in sleeping bags and air mattresses etc. when it was decided that we would have to spend the night. The wonderful home cooked food that was offered was delicious and in the morning we awoke to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon buns, biscuits,coffee and a full breakfast.
They even had a lady who sat up watching the door to be sure we were safe – they had games for children and people to play and almost all the comforts of home and maybe more than some.
We will never forget our New Years Eve of 2007 perhaps one of the best and certainly most memorable ever because of the compassion and hospitality shown to us by San Jon’ers!!!
Our sincere thanks and God bless you.
We wish you all the best that you so deserve in the New Year 2007.
Bev and Harold Weir
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Generosity, hospitality of Tucumcari praised
As you probably know, this past weekend Tucumcari had over 600 people stranded in shelters, above and beyond what the motels could handle. There are too many people to thank but I want to start with just a few. They are the Tucumcari Fire, Police, EMS and Water departments and the Circle K.
Rhodes Field House sheltered about 220 people who were stranded and were from all parts of the United States and Canada.
The National Guard brought in cots. The Circle K brought in food, The general public, the wonderful people of Quay County, brought in food, blankets, T.P, soap and everything else you can imagine. We had, in fact, more than enough to take care of these people. The only problem we had was people calling us and chewing us out because we had not called them for help, and then said ” if you need anything, anything at all, be sure and call.”
Now, about the people inside the shelter. With so many people, who have such varied backgrounds and hail from so many locations, you would think there would have been some problems. There were none. In fact, some of the people jumped in and helped. They carried out trash, helped one another set up cots, they helped organize the food, It was truly amazing and awe inspiring
To the people of Tucumcari, and Quay County, you have to be the greatest people on earth. Your generosity and self-sacrificing attitude is wonderful.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you this year, the way you have blessed others.
Jim and Kath Witcher