New Year off to a good start

By Lynn Moncus

We certainly began the new year on a very white note and had a community burgeoning with stranded travelers, some of whom were heard to remark that they had other plans for New Year’s Eve and Day but were pleased to have been safely off the highway.

Aggie and I decided begin our hibernation on Friday night and tried to remain calm even when we couldn’t take our usual Sunday drive into the country. She was ecstatic to have all that snow in which to run, romp, and roll, and kept both of us busy removing said snow, getting her warm, and letting her begin her activities all over again. While I cooked a pot of beans, she roared around inside and outside making all sorts of announcements about her joy at just being alive. Actually, she had more fun than I did outside because I no longer join in a lot of her games, especially during icy conditions. Of course, she escorted me to the wood pile and raced around while I was digging into it in order to find dry wood to burn in our fire place. She didn’t even pay attention when I tossed a piece of kindling in her direction because she was being a bit of a nuisance.
As always, one of us sat up to watch the New Year in and to listen to a couple of firecrackers in the neighborhood. Aggie merely growled, turned over, and went back to sleep. She didn’t seem to care that we watched the ball fall in New York City during each time period until our turn and just snoozed away beside the fireplace.

Although I am one who enjoys solitude, I tend to get a bit restless when it is sort of forced upon me. Yes, I could have gotten out on both Saturday and Sunday, but I figured that we had enough people milling around. Besides, I didn’t want to see if I could get stuck and have to call for help. For a change, I was delighted every time the phone rang so I could have a report from both local and long distance callers. By watching the weather reports, I could see that we were among the fortunate ones in our area because we had just enough snow to fill the landscape but not enough to make life very difficult.

I did make a quiet resolution at midnight Sunday be deciding I would get off this corner on New Year’s Day if I had to call a friend to the rescue. Well, I surely kept that resolution, went forth under my own steam on Monday morning, and landed safely at our table at Del’s. For a brief period that restaurant was not filled to the rafters, and all of us could have a quiet visit in order to catch up on the latest news. The employees had many stories to tell about their experiences during the storm, and I had a chance to listen to live voices for a change.

I sort of felt like a mole coming up out of the ground and squinting into the sunshine. Just being out and about relieved the tension that had been building and gave me a chance to appreciate the friendship we have in our town and county.

Many of our citizens began the New Year by helping others as has always been the tradition in our area. Despite the discomfort and the very hard work, those citizens proved that our traditions are still alive and will remain so as long as anyone needs a little help.

Be reflecting on such a gracious beginning for 2007, we can see that we can accomplish much before 2008 if we but choose to work together and to think of others. Let’s have a great year!