County wish list for 2007 Legislature

By QCS Staff

The Quay County Commissioners have put together a $4.875 million wish list to present to the 2007 New Mexico Legislature.

The sum covers four projects and the commissioners’ top priorities for 2007, said Franklin McCasland, chairman of the commission.

While the commissioners are making their case to legislators, they and other representatives of the Tucumcari/Quay County, including House, Logan, Nara Visa and San Jon, are expected to attend a Jan. 23 legislative day in Santa Fe, sponsored by the Tucumcari Greater Economic Development Corp. and Tucumcari/Quay County Chamber of Commerce.

The following is from Quay County’s 2007 legislative request booklet:

Fairgrounds and Agricultural Educator’s Building ($475,000)
The funds would be used for a new office of the State Extension Service, currently in the basement of the Quay County Courthouse. The new building would also house a laboratory for testing hay grasses, computer laboratory, classroomsa nd office for fairgrounds manager, economic classrooms, kitchen and lecture hall.
In the narrative about its basement facility, Extension Office officials wrote that pipes which carry, waste and steam run throughout the offices. Once a hot water pipe broke, and “we are thankful that the pipe broke” on the other side of the wall and “not over our County agent’s head.”
Extension officials also said the office had mold causing a health hazard, did not have enough electrical outlets and that new handrail had been installed on its stairs because of the “large number of people falling when they came into our office.”

Quay County road equipment ($375,000)
To upgrade and replace the county’s old rock crusher which is 22 years old. Rock crusher would be used to maintain roads and ensure safe and convenient traveling for county residents.

Roof replacement and improvements of Quay County buildings ($825,000)
The funds would be for a new roof on the Trigg Memorial Hospital to provide a safe environment for patients and staff.
Also, repairs would be made on all county buildings to also provide a safe working environment for county employees.
Quay County owns Trigg Memorial Hospital and is the sole fiscal agent responsible for its infrastructure. The roof is approximately 25 years old and it is essential that it be replaced. In addition, all county buildings are in need of repair.

Main Street downtown county administrative building ($3.2 million)
Offices for county manager and staff, County Clerk’s Office, Treasurer’s Office, Assessor’s Office and Commissioners Chambers. The courthouse will become the Judicial Building to meet the growth and demand of the District Court, Probate Court, District Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. In addition, this would help to revitalize Main Street in downtown Tucumcari.