Rotary looking for good causes to assist

By QCS staff

A performer at last year’s Rotary Air Show returned his check for $3,000 to the Rotary, said Elmer Schuster, Rotary Club president.

The club, in turn, decided to return the money to the community, and Tom Broom has been appointed head of a committee to review community activities and programs that could use assistance, Schuster said.

Broom and a 12-man committee will decide how the money should be allocated.

Any organization or cause that woulc like to apply for funds, should contact Broom at 461-2661.

Meanwhile, the club has been working on this year’s air show on Sept. 19.

“Its never to early to start working on the air show. Bob McClelland Jr. has been looking for acts since December,” said Schuster. “We are also looking for another sponsor for the air show. The person or organization that supports the air show will fall under our 501 (c) and can put the donations down as a tax deduction.”