Jasper retires from DOT after 25 years

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The New Mexico Department of Transportation bid farewell to supervisor Lewis Jasper after 25 years of service.

“I am going to miss everyone. I have truly enjoyed working with each and every one of these guys,” said Jasper. “I got into this job to help people and enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned over the years. It is hard to express how much it means to me that they all came together to give me a party and wish me well on my retirement.”

Jasper retired Wednesday afternoon after 25 years and three months of working for the NMDOT. Jasper was commended for his hard work through the many years by his coworkers at a lunch retirement party held at the Tucumcari DOT yard.

“He is the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back,” said area maintenance supervisor Carlos Gonzales. “He would help anyone that needed it at work or off the job.”
“Lewis was a tremendous asset to the department,” said co-worker Tony Garcia. “Even though he was the boss, he was just one of the guys. He was always doing the work right beside us getting his hands dirty like the rest of us. We are going to miss him.”

“I’ve worked with Lewis since 1996. He has a lot of experience and knowledge and is always willing to help you out if you need it. He has been a great mentor,” said Rudy Maestas, patrol foreman of Ragland.

Jasper moved to Tucumcari in 1954 when his father was transferred with the railroad. The family made its home here and in 1969 he graduated Tucumcari High School.

Jasper joined the NMDOT in September of 1981 and worked his way up from a maintainer level 1 to assistant supervisor in five years and eventually supervisor.
Jasper and his wife, Judy, have two daughters, Perfy and Marylou, and four grand children.

Now, that he is retired he plans to travel across the U.S. “While working for the DOT there were a lot of times that I could not take a vacation.,” said Jasper. “But I plan on making up for that now that I’m retired and seeing more of this beautiful country.”