Making the best of snow days

By Lynn Moncus

When I asked the slave if I could write our essay this week, she said I could if I’d wash the mud off my paws. Now my water dish looks rather murky, but my paws are very clean and won’t cause her to yell at me for a few minutes.

Although she became more than a little cranky during the last snow storm, I had a blast because I knew she couldn’t get off this corner and that I could have her undivided attention for much longer than usual. Of course, I took advantage of that and became known as ”the abominable snowman” each time I rolled in the snow and had to be dried off every few minutes. That white stuff is great fun to play in and is also tasty. I’d grab a mouthful of it as I raced around in the yard and would savor its coolness as it ran down my throat.

While she has been yelling at the weathermen this week as they have been predicting another storm, I have been cheering them on because I would like to have some more drifts to play in. Besides, I don’t really like to have my nails covered in mud and would be happy to clean them in that wonderful white fluff. I have complained just a little when the temperature has been too low for comfort, but my fur coat keeps me fairly warm during the day. At night, I like to sit in the chair with the slave and let her cover me with a blanket until I get a little too toasty. After that, I just lie in front of the fire place and have pleasant dreams.

During winter evenings, the slave tends to nibble on a lot of her own treats and often lets me have a few of mine. When I awaken from my first nap after supper, I like to munch on a little piece of jerky and then go into the yard to talk to the neighbors to see if their treats are as good as mine. The slave tells me to talk softly because she doesn’t want me to disturb the little finch that spends the night on our back porch. I explain that he doesn’t pay a bit of attention because he has his head tucked under his wing and isn’t about to move until sunup.

You really should see the new toys I received for Christmas. I have a cute wart hog and a little monkey, both of which squeak when I bite them. Now, I have a whole heard of animals to toss around and to keep the slave active while she plays with me. Sometimes, she gets just a little excited when I wait until she begins her first nap before I pounce into her lap with one of the loudest toys. At least, she throws it across the room so I can chase it and bring it back for more play time. She usually begins to laugh, and I know she will be awake long enough for us to play several games of catch.

As you can see, I have started this new year with a flair and am enjoying each day. Although I don’t know anything about resolutions, I do know that I’ll keep the slave busy and will make her laugh even when she doesn’t want to. We haven’t been for a drive in the country yet, but I had great fun reading the news in the park last Sunday and hope we can do the same again soon. Of course, she will want to go to those canyons, and I’ll be ready whenever she is so I can protect her from all the scary animals we might meet along the way. Let’s all enjoy every day and make someone happy!