01-20-2007: Letters to Editor

On the afternoon of Dec. 30, the two of us were sailing along on Highway 54, when we came to the intersection of 54 and I-40 at Tucumcari, and we came upon the blocked road, from snow. The motels were all full and we were directed to the Baptist Church fellowship hall. They were so kind, and were making preparations to take us in, when a very nice lady stepped out of the kitchen and said she had the very place for us.
She made a phone call, and A.J. Williams from the Quail Ridge Senior Care Center, came and guided us to the care center. Turns out, they had a vacant room. We were there two days and two nights. They fed us and made us feel at home.
We don’t believe in good luck. We feel God was directing this one.
We are so grateful to all the kind people in Tucumcari. God bless every one of you.

Bev McGlothlen
Spirit Lake, Iowa