Area stays safe despite snow

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Accidents were at a minimum on Friday and Saturday when snow blanketed Tucumcari.

However, road crews are putting in long hours to keep the roads clear and safe, a state transportation official said.
“We were a little busy but only worked two accidents,” said Quay County Sheriff Joe Schallert. “The roads were clear all weekend with the hard work of the county and state road departments and that made it easier on us and travelers.”

“The clear roads kept the motorists flowing through and fortunately for us it was not a busy weekend,” said
Tucumcari Police chief Larry Ham. “We had the department on standby in case the weather caused people to be stranded but that did not happen thanks to the work of the road departments.”

“The only issue we had with the weather this weekend was the closing of East Highway 54 Saturday night,” said 1st Officer Wade Strand of the Logan Police Department. “Fifty-four was closed from 11 p.m. Saturday night because of the slick conditions and the accidents occurring around the Texas state line. It was reopened 10 a.m. Sunday morning.”

“The guys have been doing a great job,” said Tony Garcia supervisor of the Tucumcari New Mexico Department of Transportation. “The storm came in on Friday and we had crews out making sure the roads were clear. We even sent some of our guys to Ragland to help out with the roads up there. They worked all weekend and, to tell you the truth ,the crews have not had a weekend off since before Christmas. I am really proud of how they are doing.”

Capt. Daniel Lopez of the New Mexico State police said there were only 15 accidents Friday night to Monday morning. None were fatal or resulted in injury, Lopez said. Eight of the accidents were in the Tucumcari area, three in Santa Rosa and four in Curry County, he said.