Longhorns outplay Coyote squads

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Logan Longhorns took a double dip on district wins Thursday night against the San Jon Coyotes.

The Lady Longhorns trampled the Lady Coyotes 60-31. While the Longhorns battled to the end for a 63-57 win over the Coyotes.

“I feel good about how we played tonight. It shows the girls that if we play hard the whole way through, we can play with anybody,” said Longhorn Coach Russell Feerer. “We started to slack off before the half and it allowed San Jon to catch up to us. I told the girls at half-time that the first minutes of the third period were the most important because it sets the tone for the rest of the game.”

The Lady Coyotes had trouble getting to the hoops. They scored 2 points in the first period, 20 in the second, 6 points in the third and only 3 points in the fourth. While Logan had 21 in the first, 12 in the second, 10 in the third and 17 in the fourth.

“Logan played very physical and rough and that affected our game,” said coach Lacey Bidegain. “This game will help us to remember that we need to play more aggressively and work on playing smarter and not dwelling on mistakes.”
The Lady Longhorns came out aggressively from the very start, blocking several of the Lady Coyotes shots forcing them to hurry shots.

The Lady Coyotes matched Logan’s physical play for a short time in the second putting points on the board but their confidence was short-lived.

In the second half, the Lady Longhorns crowded the shooting lanes and smothered San Jon’s outside shooters and swarming to the ball. This in turn caused the Lady Coyotes to hasten their plays which lead to missed field goals and bad passing. They also missed a series of free throws when the Lady Longhorns got into foul trouble.
“It feels good to win,” said Logan’s Nicole Martinez. “We can use this win to help us in our next game.”

Point leaders
Lady Longhorns
• Nicole Martinez had 17 points making 8 of 10 field goals, 1 of 5 free throws, 4 rebounds and 2 assists
• Delani Hazen had 16 points making 7 of 13 field goals, 2 of 5 free throws, 3 rebounds and 6 assists.
• Tiffany Rachor had 17 points making 8 of 14 field goals, 1 of 3 free throws and 4 rebounds.
Lady Coyotes
• Janay Brashear had 8 points making 2 of 10 field goals, 1 three pointers, 1 of 2 free throws, two rebounds and 1 assist.

Defense was a key factor in the Longhorns 63-57 win against the Coyotes.

There was no easy scoring during Thursday nights’ game. Even three-point shots from the outside were closely guarded on each side. Lay-ups and field goals were often met with rejection from both sides.

Foul shots brought the Coyotes closer to the Longhorns and, at times, it looked as if they could tie the game or even take the lead.

But the Longhorns had an early lead and managed to hold on to it.

“It feels good winning but we know that they will be coming for us next time we play,” said Logan’s Andrew Sandoval. “We play against Santa Rosa next and we’ll use this win to help us play better there. We like to play the larger schools we know we are not going to go in there and own the place but those games help us with our district play later on.”

The Longhorns had a 10 point lead going into the final period. Logan and San Jon continued to make tough shots from the floor keeping the game close. With little more than two minutes left, San Jon’s Will McEntire’s free throw shots inched the Coyotes closer and scoring from Danny Shetter and Richard Vasquez pulled the Coyotes within six points, the closest they had been to Logan since the first half.
But scoring from Logan’s Sandoval, Taylor Smith, Steven Carter and Austin Whetten kept Logan ahead.

And it was two free throws from Smith that put the win out of the Coyotes’ reach

“We need to put this game behind us,” said San Jon’s Adams.

“We will use this game as motivation for our next game against them,” said Vasquez.

Point leaders
• Taylor Smith had 15 points making 4 of 8 field goals, 4 of 6 free throws, 1 3-pointer, and 6 rebounds
• Steven Carter had 23 points making 6 of 10 field goals, 4 of 5 free throws, 1 3-pointer and 2 rebounds
• Austin Whetten had 13 points making 5 of 10 field goals, 1 3-pointer and 3 rebounds
• Andrew Sandoval had 10 points making 1 of 10 field goals, 1 3-pointer, 5 of seven free throws and 5 rebounds

• Richard Vasquez had 17 points making 5 of 18 field goals, 1 of 2 free throws, 2 3-pointers, 2 assists and 2 rebounds.
• Danny Shetter had 14 points making 5 of 15 field goals, 4 of 7 free throws, 7 rebounds and two assists.
• Will McEntire had 14 points making 4 of 14 field goals, 6 of 9 free throws and 4 rebounds.

The Logan Longhorns and Lady Longhorns are scheduled to play at 5 p.m. today against the Mosquero Pirates at Mosquero.

The San Jon Coyotes and Lady Coyotes are scheduled for 2 p.m. today against the Clovis Christian Eagles at Clovis.