Two Logan men face charges for poaching

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Two Logan men charged with poaching are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Brent Daniels, 29, and Travis Oberg, 34, are to be arraigned at the Harding County Magistrate Court at Roy, according to a clerk at the magistrate court.

Daniels and Oberg are charged with poaching a trophy Barbary sheep, according to a New Mexico Game and Fish press release.

The sheep seized had one horn that measured more than 31 inches and another just under 34 inches, the release stated.

On Jan. 2 Josh Waldrip, a conservation officer with the state’s Department of Game and Fish, observed Oberg and Daniels taking pictures with the slain Barbary sheep in Logan, the release said.

Waldrip began to question the two men and check their hunting licenses and determined that the Barbary sheep had been killed prior to the issue date of Oberg’s hunting license, according to the release.

Waldrip charged both Daniels and Oberg with possession of game/fish without a license, according to

Oberg was also charged with hunting game/fish without a license, according to court documents on the state’s Web site.

Daniels and Oberg could face the maximum penalties of $100 for hunting without a license, $1,000 for illegal possession of a Barbary sheep and up to six months in jail, stated the press release.

The New Mexico Game and Fish Department could pursue civil penalties to recover the state’s loss of a trophy game animal, the press release said.

Legislation was passed in 2006 and subsequent State Game Commission action penalties for poaching a trophy Barbary sheep can be as high as $6,000, stated the release.

Daniels did not respond to phone messages for comment and Oberg could not be contacted for comment.