By Howie Tucker

s it all over with? Let’s hope so. I am wearing out my computer – doing refreshers on my rules and merchandise surfing.

That reminds me: Go to the USGA web site and go to the rules quiz link.

Reminder to students
Golf for high school students started Monday. If you missed the date, there’s still time to come out.

Pointer of Week
Folks, here’s a good little drill to get you warmed up and to get the feel of the golf swing again after our long layoff. I call this the swish drill! Take a metal wood and grip the shaft of the club at the neck of the club with the head pointer downward.

Now swing the club about three or four times and listen for the swish. Then turn the club around to the normal position and swing with the same thought. You should be able to feel that the club head is heavier and you should feel, what we call in golf as the release of the club head.

Do the drill a couple of times each day and even use it before you go to the course or even on the course while you are playing.

I am sure you will see the proper expression and feel that we are looking for.

Howie Tucker is Tucumcari golf professional.