Clayton Yellow Jackets overtake Rattlers

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Rattlers district record dropped to 0-3 Tuesday night after the Lady Rattlers fell 51-28 and the Rattlers lost 89-70 to the Clayton Yellow Jackets.

The Yellow Jackets had the Rattlers seeing threes as they made 14 3-pointers during Tuesday night’s 89-70 win.
Going into half-time with a 7-point lead, the Rattlers came out answering with a 3-pointer from junior Andrez Apodaca.

But they were quickly silenced by the Yellow Jackets after a 21-point run gave Clayton the lead which they held for the remainder of the game. Although the Rattlers’ Apodaca scored 18 points and seniors Josh Villegas made 20 points and Drew White made 23.

Continuing their 3-point assault on the Rattlers, the Yellow Jackets sunk 10 3- pointers in the second half to go along with their 4 in the first half for a combined 42 of their 89 points. Yellow Jackets’ senior Johnathan Fernandez made 8 of the 3-pointers and had 3 field goals and was 2-2 from the free throw line for 32 points.

Point leaders
• Andrez Apodaca had 7 field goals made 2-2 free throws for 17 points
• Drew White had 11 field goals made 1-6 free throws for 23 points
• Josh Villegas had 9 field goals made 2 of 6 free throws for 20 points

• Johnathan Fernandez had 11 field goals made 2-2 free throws for 32 points
• Tanner Beckner had 5 field goals made 3-5 free throws for 19 points
• Jared Valdez had 4 field goals made 0-0 free throws for 9 points

The Lady Rattlers took a third setback in district play, losing 51-28 to the Lady Yellow Jackets.
The Lady Rattlers had their best period of play in the third, when they scored 14 points. This was only two points less than their first, second and final period points combined.
Fast and off the mark passing led to turnovers by the Rattlers and T’Shawna Span and Cydnie Rich were benched with four fouls and did not return until the final minutes of play.
Despite the Lady Rattlers efforts in the third period and scoring from freshman Mariha Meier and sophomore Kadi Powers, they could not combat Clayton’s shooters.
Sophomore Jaime Valdez and seniors Lindsey Fluhman and Brittany Trujillo each had 10 or more points which helped clinch the win for the Lady Yellow Jackets.

Point Leaders
• Mariha Meier had 3 field goals made 2-2 free throws for 8 points
• Kadi Powers had 3 field goals made 3-4 free throws for 9 points

• Jaime Valdez had 5 field goals made 0-3 free throws for 10 points
• Lindsey Fluhman had 5 field goals made 6-12 free throws for 16 points
• Brittany Trujillo had 5 field goals made 3-3 free throws for 13 points