They say new cameras won’t track speed

By QCS Staff

When you gaze up at cameras on the new light poles at the intersection of Tucumcari Boulevard and First Street, you may think that Albuquerque’s red light/speed cameras have come to Tucumcari.

Not so, says the camera installer for Bixby Electric Inc. of Albuquerque.

The cameras are for “sensors to tell how many cars go through a certain space,” said Bob North, superintendent of Bixby’s Line Department.

The cameras focus in on an area that’s about 60 feet in length from the curb, so that it can trigger a change in the traffic signals, said Frank Martinez, a signal technician for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, who was at the installation on Tuesday afternoon.

Called a Solo Pro, the system is set up with four cameras, with video detection, at the four corners of the intersection.
The cameras and signal lights at Tucumcari Boulevard and First Street are scheduled to be working today.