Can daycare help economic development?

By QCS Staff

Does Tucumcari need more child daycare services?

David Buchen, director of the Small Business Development Center at Mesalands Community College, said based on conversations with the community, the answer is yes.
On Friday, there will a day-long seminar to look at this question.

The keynote speaker will be Saskia Traill, a nationally known childcare program specialist, who has co-authored more than 20 reports and policy briefs about the economic benefits of the early care and education industry in regions across the country.

She is a program specialist in children youth, and families at the National Economic Development and Law Center in Oakland, Calif., where she promotes programs for children and youth that stimulate economic development.

Childcare and economic development?

“It’s important to link the two together,” said Traill in a telephone interview from her California offices.

Studies have shown that workers who are comfortable with their childcare arrangements are more productive, Traill said.

It’s very forward thinking to plan for childcare for a group of workers on a project, such as the Ute Lake Ranch development, she said.

Another aspect of childcare she said to think about was transportation routes parents might have to drive so they are not making two long trips to get a child to daycare and then another trip to get to work, Traill said.

“This affects a lot of families in rural areas,” said Traill.
Childcare business owners, in rural and urban settings, also have to have a good business model, said Traill, adding that her presentation would cover some aspects of creating a sustainable business in childcare.

The program is funded by Mesalands Community College’s Hispanic Serving Institution’s grant provided by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department and the National Economic Development and Law Center.

To attend this free workshop, call Barbara Hicklin at 461-4413, 140, for information and to reserve your seat.