Ills of winter are cabin fever, yearning for spring

By Aggie Moncus

Because the slave is pretending to be ailing, I decided to do the writing in order to prevent your having to hear all the whining I have had to listen to. She really likes to put on a show, but if we just ignore her, she’ll take a nap and stay out of our way. Actually, I rather enjoyed having her around the house for a few days until she began to interfere with my schedule and started getting on my nerves by issuing meaningless orders. Despite what she thinks, I have a life and like to follow my own trails.

While she goes for morning coffee, I spend that time rearranging my stuffed animals and can play with the squeakies without having her yell because of all the noise. By the time she shows up for lunch, I’m ready to play in the yard for a few minutes and then want to come in to take a nap so I’ll be rested to enjoy the afternoon.

After our naps, and when the weather is nice, we both go into the backyard to play for a while. She needs the exercise, and I need to watch her trying to find the toys I have hidden in the vines. Eventually, she wanders off for afternoon coffee, and I have the house to myself so I can continue playing with my toys.

All of this changed when she decided she would stay at home for a few days in order to make both of us miserable. Of course, I can be a good nurse when I so choose, but I am not about to make that my profession. I can listen to so much moaning and groaning before I lose all patience and want to bite the person making all that noise. For some reason, the slave became a little excited when I began to play with my squeaky toys in order to drown out her complaints. I guess I made my point, however, because she became quiet for a while and let me go on about my business.

She has remained here long enough now to give me a chance to change some of my habits and to rearrange my schedule around her activities. When she collapses in front of the television, I grab a few toys and run to the kitchen so I can play my own games without being interrupted. When she ambles to the kitchen, I stand around looking hungry until she realizes I need attention and then I explain that I need to go outside for a while. She seems to understand those orders and follows them fairly well. Later, she calls me in so we can take our regular naps and even remembers to give me one of my favorite treats.

I keep assuring the slave that all will be well when spring arrives so we can once again take our drives into the country and can walk in the beauty of nature. I think I even had her conned into believing that until we looked outside at the snow Tuesday night and had a few thoughts about the coming of spring. She took to her bed again, and I just went to my corner to hide until the sun came out.

I guess I’ll just have to depend on my sunny personality in order to get things back to normal on this corner. If you hear a little extra howling, don’t worry, I’m just letting off a little steam and getting ready to make a whole batch of changes.