Rattlers fast pace not enough

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Rattlers remained positive despite another district loss on Friday night.

The Tucumcari Rattlers lost 71-55 and the Lady Rattlers fell 55-33 to the Clayton Yellowjackets.

Both Rattlers teams played fierce and kept up with the Yellowjackets through the first three periods. But by the fourth, the Rattlers were doing all they could to keep pace rather than catch up.

“I told them to relax and go out their and have as much fun as possible,” said Coach Wayne Ferguson. “This game was one of their best games since before district.
“They played hard for the first three periods and got frustrated towards the end. I tell them to not dwell on it – that once they get fustrated bad things can happen.”

The Lady Rattlers trailed early in the game and worked hard to match the speed of the Lady Yellowjackets. They held Clayton’s lead in single digits through the first three periods.

In the final period, however, the Lady Rattlers showed signs of fatigue and frustration. Many of the Rattlers shots did not fall even though they were on the mark. And turnovers from missed passes eventually took their toll on the Lady Rattlers.

Point leaders
Samantha Montano, 2 field goals, 4-5 free throws for 9 points
Cydnie Rich, 2 field goals, 5-6 free throws for 9 points

Lindsey Fluhman, 2 field goals, 10-16 free throws for 14 points
Brittnay Trujillo, 6 field goals, 3-6 free throws for 18 points

Much like the girls game, the pace of play by the boys team was non stop. They tried to control the ball and the clock with every play.

The Rattlers worked at keeping pace with the Yellowjackets, who managed to increase their confidence by making the last scoring play at the end of each period except for the fourth. In the final play, with seconds left, Rattlers Freddie Beltran hit a 3-pointer.

It wasn’t a game-winner, but the Rattlers were assured that the last play belonged to them.

“We could not match their speed,” said coach John Span.

“We played hard tonight they just made some difficult shots and we need to box out and get the rebounds. When they got a rebound they fed it to the outside for a 3-point try.”

Point Leaders
Drew White, 9 field goals, 6-12 free throws for 24 points
Andrez Apodaca, 4 field goals, 1-3 free throws for 9 points

Jackson Bickel, 7 field goals, 2-4 free throws for 16 points
Jeremy Cloud, 2 field goals, 7-7 free throws for 11 points

The Lady Rattlers next game is Monday for the district tournament at Santa Rosa.
The Rattlers next game is Tuesday for the district tournament at Clayton.