02-24-2007: Community Notes

Quay Democrats elect new officers Tuesday
The Quay County Democratic Party will meet on Tuesday for its annual election, said Ron Wilmot, chair.
Up for election are ward and precinct officers, central committee members, county officers and state central committee members.
County officers to be elected include chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer.
Two state central committee members will be elected to represent Quay County at the state steering committee meeting in Las Cruces on April 28.
Members of the State Central Committee serve as the governing board of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, approving the party’s budget and delegate selection plan for the 2008 national convention and nominating candidates to the ballot vacancies, among other responsibilities.
The Democratic Women of Quay County will also attend.
The meeting is at noon on Tuesday at K-Bob’s Restaurant.

Applicants sought for summer internships
U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., is seeking college students to apply for unpaid summer internship programs in his Capitol Hill and New Mexico district offices, according to a press release.
Each year, selected students gain a unique perspective of the U.S. House of Representatives while working in Udall’s Capitol Hill office.  Additionally, Rep. Udall offers internships in his district offices, the release stated.
“Participating in my internship program provides valuable insight into the legislative branch of government. I am proud to say that many former interns have built on their experience in my office to complete their education and lead successful careers,” said Udall in the release
To apply for an internship, candidates must send a cover letter and resume to: Jeanette.Lyman@mail.house.gov or fax the materials to (202) 226-1331 by March 16.  Applicants should indicate the city in which they prefer to intern.
Interviews and selections will take place during the second half of March and notifications will be made by April 1, 2007. For more information, visit Udall’s website at http://www.tomudall.house.gov.

Get your chips to play cow patty bingo
The Tucumcari class of 2008 is selling tickets to a Cow Patty Bingo to raise funds for its Senior Week Activities.
Here’s how they say it works:
There will be a grid of 225 squares in no specific order. Then on April 22, a grid will be made on the ground in a pen or corral. There will be a cow there and when the cow does its business, the judges will determine the winning squares. If the business falls equally in two squares, the prize will be divided equally.
Tickets are $10 each for a shot at winning $500.
To buy your ticket call, Kim Enriquez at 403-6713, Yvette Fazekas at 403-8536 or Jennifer Debord at 403-7865.