Patience, practice in short supply

By Lynn Moncus

Although Aggie was kind enough to write the column last week, she said she wasn’t about to come to the rescue again any time soon because she doesn’t want anyone to get the notion that she is the slave on this corner. Besides, she is enjoying the warm afternoons and doesn’t want to hover over the computer when she can be outside soaking up the sun.

I have a rather strong feeling that she cast some sort of spell on the computer and printer in order to get even with me for some reason. Because I haven’t been writing as much as usual, I note that the two gadgets are not being friendly with each other and certainly not with the user.
For instance, I was trying to print a picture one day and grew impatient because that simple task took almost
45 minutes and left me ready to do all sorts of violence.

Having an animal in charge is one thing, but having gadgets trying to rule is almost intolerable. At least, I can look Aggie in the eye while talking to her and can even see a change in her expression, but staring at the computer screen provides absolutely no satisfaction. It just looks flat and shows no sign of life or compassion. It may tend to talk back at times, but its various voices are as impersonal as is the screen, and it isn’t about to converse – just to tell me in no uncertain terms what it will and will not do.

At least, Aggie will stomp away when she is displeased with what is happening, but these gadgets refuse to move and seem to want to set more traps than usual when the mind isn’t being very cooperative. If I don’t look at every letter very carefully, I see all too many creative spellings and wonder how they were created.

Obviously, the brain and the hands are not communicating very well either, but the computer is supposed to be so smart that it should catch the mistakes before I do. It will just let them stay in their incorrect state unless I make the necessary changes.

Obviously, this writer needs to get back into practice in order to be in charge of what happens on this corner. Practice really is necessary if a body is planning to remain ahead of the gadgets. When the hands and the gadgets are both idle, we can’t begin to know what may happen next.

For the first time in many years, I have not chosen to write every day and will probably suffer for that oversight for months to come. In the meantime, one of us had better find a large dose of patience and get back to the business of playing with words in order to keep both mind and body reasonably active and in tune with each other.

With Aggie’s help, this should be a fairly easy task. She has already explained that we really need to head to the country if we want to begin to feel normal again. She usually knows what needs to be done and will probably force the issue if the weather remains fairly warm. Until then, let’s just hope that patience shows up to keep violence at a minimum.