San Jon to take over Caprock Amphitheater

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

The Village of San Jon has asked to take over the operation of the Caprock Amphitheater from the Quay County Commission.

Village of San Jon administrator, Bobbye Rose, said, “We’re trying to do economic development” through nature and other tours that could be developed with the Caprock Amphitheater at the center.

The amphitheater, which has a concession stand, bleachers and stage, could be used for weddings and other gatherings, as it has in the past, said Rose.

“It’s a good opportunity for San Jon,” Rose said, with the amphitheater just several miles south of the village on State Road 469.

“And we don’t want to see it dismantled,” she said.
“We’ve had some interest from someone who wants to develop a horse trail and a nature trail,” she said. The village has also been pursuing the idea of developing a bird watching tour near its wells on the north side of town, she said.

The Quay County Commission discussed San Jon’s request at its meeting on Monday and commissioners had no objections to the request.

Commissioners said the next step would be to draw up a memo of understanding or other legal document to convey the operation of the amphitheater to San Jon.