Windy season making clean sweep

By Lynn Moncus

When the Scottish broom begins to bloom in February, or even earlier, many of us have the notion that spring can’t be far behind and begin to look for other sighs of the coming of that special season. We see the greening of some delicate looking weeds and know they are a hardy lot because the cold weather doesn’t seem to bother them a bit.

Of course, we must consider the winds as they blow us from one season to the next and know they are getting us ready for spring by sweeping the area all too thoroughly.

They tend to rearrange the dust and to scatter the tumbleweeds in order to make us aware of its strength. When the gusts are high, we don’t argue about that strength and just try to keep our feet on the ground. We had a little experience with that this week when we had to be very careful about walking from place to place or even about trying to open the car door without being injured. We also respect it because we see the results of the fires whipped from pasture to pasture, and we know it can cause much property damage when it gets out of control.

We may even wonder why so much natural violence is necessary just to announce the change of seasons. We needn’t question some things but just accept them as a part of our lives and hope we can get through that violence and into the calm of the beginning of new life. We tend to forget those breezes once we begin to see the beauty in nature and watch the changing of colors as well as the coming of new life. We’ll hear bird song from our feathered friends who return to spend the summer with us and will watch both wild and domestic animals grow from infants to good sized yearlings.

As the pastures begin to turn green, many of us just automatically begin to become perkier than we have been during the winter. As nature erases the browns and grays, we are ready to do as much walking and looking as possible. Seeing all the changes lets us know that spring will stay around for a while before giving way to the heat of the summer. We’ll note the more delicate wild flowers begin to show off and will see the blooming of the delicate bulbs that have been planted around the homes to let us know when the seasons will change.

We can already hear a lot of new calves bawling and can know they will enjoy the warmer weather when spring becomes serious about remaining for a while. We can see that their mothers are looking after them by hiding them in low places from which they can be protected from the cold wind. They’ll be frisky when they have a chance to run and play, but they’ll enjoy staying out of the wind in order to take a nap or two. Let’s just look forward to the new season and get ready to appreciate all its beauty. Life in our Southwest really is special.