03-03-2007: Calendar

Today: 9 a.m., closed executive session, City Commission, City Hall.

Monday: 3 p.m., regular meeting of the Museum Board, Tucumcari Historical Museum.

Monday: 6 p.m., annual meeting of the RAD (Rural Area Development) Water Users Coop at K-Bob’s Restaurant. For more information, call 461-9852. Monthly meeting will be held after the annual meeting.

Monday: 7 p.m., The Bills in concert, Tucumcari High School Auditorium.

Mondays ongoing: Alcoholics Anonymous Unity Group meeting 7 p.m., at 1424 S. Sixth St.

Tuesday: Noon, monthly meeting of the Red Hat Society, Branding Iron Restaurant, Holiday Inn.

Tuesday: 7 a.m.– 7 p.m., Election of Board of Trustees, Mesalands Community College for Districts 2 and 4.

Thursday: 6 p.m., regular meeting, City Commission, City Hall.

Fridays ongoing: Alcoholics Anonymous Unity Group meeting 7 p.m., at 1424 S. Sixth St.

March 12: 9 a.m., regular meeting, Quay County Commission, Commission Chambers, Quay County Court House.

March 12: 5:15 p.m., regular meeting Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corp., Convention Center.

March 13: 10 a.m., regular meeting Lodger’s Tax Board, City Hall.

March 13: 9 a.m., regular meeting, Arch Hurley Conservancy District, Arch Hurley headquarters, 101 E. High Street.

March 19: 11 a.m., regular meeting, Senior Citizen’s Board, Senior Center.

March 19: 6 p.m., regular meeting, Tucumcari School Board, Tucumcari Schools Administration Building.

March 20: noon, regular meeting Library Board, Library.

March 22: 5 p.m., regular meeting Housing Authority, City Hall.

March 22: 6 p.m., regular meeting City Commissioners, City Hall.

March 26: 6 p.m., regular meeting Recreation Board, Recreation Center.

March 27: 5:15 p.m., regular meeting Planning Commission, City Hall.

To list items in the calendar, call 461-1952 or e-mail
The deadline is 10 a.m. the day before the paper comes out. Items must include event, time, date, location, contact number.