A loss to Devils ends Logan’s state bid

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Longhorns paid the Devils their due Saturday night at Logan.

The district 4-1A champions Logan Longhorns state bid ended with a 83-69 loss to the district 1 1A runner up Springer Red Devils.

“This was my last game and I tried to leave it all out on the court,” said Logan senior Austin Whetten. “There were a lot of close and tough moments during the game. They just outplayed us tonight.”

The Red Devils played with a firery resolve taking an early lead in the game, but the Longhorns were able to keep pace throughout most of the game. They never let the Devils lead stay in the double digits for long.

Lognhorns seniors Whetten contributed 27 points and Stephen Carter with 17 points to keep the game within their reach. The Red Devils sophomore Johnny Chavez and senior Andrew Romero were an outside shooting threat with three 3-pointers each in the game. Junior Robert Arellano lead the Devils 28 points in the game until he fouled out in the final period with four minutes left in the game.

Much like the start of the game, the final period was controlled by the Devils. They maintained and added to their lead. In the closing minutes of the game the Devils played keep-away from the Longhorns, eating up the time on the clock . That forced them into a fouling situation sending the Devils to the line and only adding to their lead.

“It was a smart tactic for them to stall at the end of the game,” said Longhorns coach Billy Burns. “They made free throws down the stretch that were important and they took care of the basketball all game long. They are a great team and I hope they go far in state.”

Point leaders
Robert Arellano had 9 field goals and 10-16 free throws for 28 points
Johnny Chavez had 6 field goals and 4-4 free throws for 19 points

Austin Whetten had 11 field goals and 5-7 free throws for 27 points
Stephen Carter had 7 field goals and 3-4 free throws for 17 points

The San Jon Coyotes state bid ended as well with a 88-69 loss to the Cimarron Rams Saturday night.