Sunday visit to train station

If you’d like a say in the future of the Tucumcari Railroad Station, come to Dean’s restaurant at noon on Sunday.

Elmo Baca, an instructor at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque is conducting a site visit on behalf of the city’s MainStreet project. Baca will be accompanied by five graduate students who are studying planning and architecture.

Baca is a community planner who’s also a special projects program associate of the state’s MainStreet program and a former director of Historic Preservation Division for the Office of Cultural Affairs for the State of New Mexico. He and the students will gather information to help develop a strategy for the station to become the center of an art incubator, which was initiated in Tucumcari several years ago, and how it will fit into the MainStreet plan. At lunch, interested individuals and groups are invited to share their ideas and visions about the train station’s future. This session will be followed by a walking tour of the station.