Proposals coming in for new high school

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Staff

Proposals for a new high school in Tucumcari arrived Tuesday at the school administration building.

The school administration and school board are hoping to be able to combine resources from the state and the sale of school bonds to finance about $11 million for a new facility.

At Monday night’s school board meeting, board members discussed the possibilities of financing a new school and/or making improvements to the existing facility.

Because it was the first meeting for two newly elected board members, official school board business followed the swearing in of new board members.

Newly elected board members are Joe R. Barnett and Carlos Romero. Albert J. Mitchell, Jr., who was re-elected to the board, was also sworn in.

With its new membership, the board elected a new slate of officers: president, Mitchell; vice president, Martin Garcia; and secretary Doug Powers. It also selected committee members for its audit and budget committees. The audit committee, Garcia and Romero, will meet with the school’s auditors and the budget committee, Powers and Barnett, will work on the school’s budget that is sent to the state in the spring for approval.

In other matters that came before the board:
• The school administration has had its banking security increased after at $600 check mailed to an Albuquerque vendor was found to have been altered and cashed for $12,000 in Minnesota.
• Request to re-examine the possibility of having a girls high school softball team. Powers suggested among the schools in the eastern part of the state that a league could be formed.
While the sports programs are important, Powers also said, that emphasis needed to be placed on the schools’ academic performance and test scores. “We need to concentrate on that area,” he said.
• Thirteen teachers will attend training for the AYP or Adequate Yearly Progress, the state’s review that determines how well schools are complying the federal mandate: No Child Left Behind.